Anorak News | Mischa Barton Suffers From A ‘Dry Socket’

Mischa Barton Suffers From A ‘Dry Socket’

by | 12th, September 2009

TIRED and emotional star Mischa Barton has blamed her summer slurring and hospitalisation in a psychiatric ward on her wisdom teeth, or more specifically, her lack of them.

Mischa calls it a “perfect storm”, picking up on a phrase that has gathered momentum in recent times:

A perfect storm can be used to describe anything: breathing; sports; women; apocalypse; traffic but not weather:

Meteorologists Say ‘Perfect Storm’ Not So Perfect

Barton goes on:

She was “overwhelmed”.

She had had surgery on her wisdom that “went really badly. I had been in the hospital. I had two surgeries on my teeth. I had four taken out. And they’d gotten it really badly wrong. They had to drill into my jaw and I was just in excruciating pain. I had an infection and a dry socket.”

A dry socket sounds bad. A wet socket sounds worse.

Then Mischa says “I felt like I want to die” and the men in white coats heard her and started injecting her with stuff to calm her down. And that’s what happens when you have your wisdom teeth out in America and… Mischa took the minimum amount of pain killers, and was subjected to Novocaine shots every day and her socket grew moist and…

It’s a great explanation, and a new one. Tired and emotional is old news. Look out for stars being “Dry and wise” all over the place.

And watch out for Amy Winehouse having more wisdom teeth than Solomon the Shark.

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