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Madeleine McCann Ruined My Life

by | 13th, September 2009

maddie7MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news: THE Sunday Express brings news that “MADELEINE SEARCH ‘WRECKED OUR LIFE’.”

Let’s not forget who the real victim is. No, not innocent Madeleine McCann. Well, not only her.  It’s Goncalo Amaral and his wife Sofia:

THE WIFE of a disgraced Portuguese police chief wrote a “poisonous” letter to Kate McCann in an attempt to defend his handling of the botched Madeleine investigation, the Sunday Express can reveal today.

Wife sticks up for beleaguered husband. Read all about it. And how do we learn of this letter? And what point is there in us knowing?

Sofia Amaral has written to “Madam Kate” before, in September 2008, Sofia wrote a response to Kate McCann’s interview in Expresso, in which she had called Mr Amaral “a disgrace”.

Sarcastically addressing the heartbroken mother as “Madam Kate”, Sofia Amaral amazingly sought sympathy from her because of the amount of time her husband had spent away from his family searching for the missing girl.

Is Madam Kate sarcastic? Well, very possibly, yes. This from Sofia last time:

You will forgive my boldness, but after I read your comment [in the Expresso interview] concerning Goncalo Amaral, my husband and the father of my daughters, I cannot avoid sending you these words of gratefulness.”

You can read her full letter here. This time Mrs Amaral writes:

“My husband’s holiday was supposed to start the day after your daughter disappeared. For obvious reasons that did not happen. I looked at houses, I made the move and I tried to settle our daughters into new schools – all without any support from my husband, who was looking for your daughter, Madam Kate. In October, on the day of his birthday, Goncalo Amaral was dismissed.

“It was supposed to be a time of the family getting together, but in fact it was even more of a separation. Isn’t that a disgrace?”

“…My husband has always refused to sit comfortably behind his desk from nine to five, which is usual for his rank.

“Instead, he spent the day – and sometimes the night – coordinating on-the-spot searches, surveillance, seizures and other duties.

“As you must know, my husband’s salary was barely 1.5 times the minimum wage of your country.”

Is this letter “poisonous”? The McCanns have been subject to far worse.

A friend of the McCanns described Mrs Amaral’s letter as “poisonous”. She added: “It had a very sarcastic tone and implied that Madeleine’s disappearance has wrecked their lives. It showed no sympathy to Kate and Gerry for their loss. She had the gall to ask Kate what she had to complain about when the little girl’s disappearance had put intolerable pressure on her and her husband’s lives.”

And the McCanns, with whom Mrs Amaral is supposed to sympathise?

Here’s the spokesman:

The McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell explained: “Kate is aware of the letter and its contents. It was complete nonsense.”

Nonsense. Indeed. Because while the lawyers win and the PRs talk, an innocent child went missing and no-one has come forward to say what happened to her.

Comments are closed. Why? Because the McCanns are innocent and anyone who says otherwise needs to supply proof – of which there is none.

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