Anorak News | Exclusive: Farrah Fawcett’s Co-Producer Craig Nevius Reacts To Emmy Loss

Exclusive: Farrah Fawcett’s Co-Producer Craig Nevius Reacts To Emmy Loss

by | 14th, September 2009

fawcettFARRAH Fawcett’s producing partner Craig Nevius talks to Anorak’s Man in LA about mising out on an Emmy:

If only to recognize Farrah Fawcett for her contribution to television culture and American history, it would have been nice to see the disputed NBC special, Farrah’s Story, win the Emmy for Outstanding Nonfiction Special at last night’s creative arts awards ceremony.

The loss was a blow to fans and friends, but not to Farrah’s business and producing partner Craig Nevius, who produced the basis for the special with Farrah before she was weakened by cancer and he was edged out by her lover and caretaker Ryan O’Neal. Nevius sent Tabloid Baby this exclusive reaction:

In terms of Farrah’s Story not winning: I have mixed emotions about it. I would have liked for Farrah to have been be honored her bravery, honesty and artistry– not only in fighting this disease but in fighting it on camera in front of the whole world. But I can’t lie and say the final product deserved to win.

As most everybody knows by now, the documentary was never finished (at least not if it was really Farrah’s story). I was thinking about this on the way home last night. And I remembered a conversation I had with Farrah about her art. I asked her why she had so many unfinished paintings and sculptures. She explained that her art was like her life. It was always evolving and getting a little more interesting. That’s why it needed to stay unfinished (for as long as it possibly could). I think my point is that Farrah wanted to surprise herself. She wanted to go to places that most other people, including herself, had never been before. Or even knew existed.

Like when we were in New York (shooting Chasing Farrah). We wrapped up a little early one afternoon and Farrah wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to go to the Empire State Building. That was the one thing that she had never had time to do on any previous trip to NYC. I told her that I would go with her. A few people from the crew came along — including her old friend (and hair stylist) Mela Murphy as well as a new friend (and photographer) Lisa Boyle.

What was interesting about the trip was that Farrah immediately lost interest in the view from the 86th floor observatory where everyone else stood in awe of the skyline. That’s because one of the security guards told us that there was an even higher vantage point in the building but the public wasn’t allowed up there because it was a little bit dangerous. Well, that’s all Farrah needed to hear. The fact that it was ‘not allowed’ and ‘a little bit dangerous’ made it all the more worth doing for her.

So we all went up to the ‘tower attic.’ It was like being inside a lighthouse that was still under construction. Except the floor was nothing but a metal construction grill that allowed you to see past your feet at a several story drop back down to the 86th floor. Actually, not all of us went up with Farrah. Mela wouldn’t get out of the elevator. Lisa wouldn’t even get in the elevator. This made it even more fun for Farrah who took delight in calling them both ‘Fraidy cats!’ She loved it.

I remember her giggling as she tested the sturdiness of the grill by hopping up and down on it like a kid on a new mattress. The view from the tower was so amazing that Farrah had to call her father to describe the sunset to him. Before we left Farrah noticed one of the tower walls: some construction workers and maintenance men had graffitied it. Well, Farrah didn’t want to go without leaving her mark. I never forgot what she wrote.

Even though it sounded like a cliche I knew that it was more than that. I just didn’t know what the deeper or more symbolic meaning was– at least not at the time.

She wrote:
The Top
Farrah was here!
and proud of it!

It didn’t matter to Farrah that most people would never see her name on that wall. Or even know that she was ever there. Because she knew. And she was proud of it.

It’s a little bit like that with her documentary.

For me too.


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