Anorak News | Heidi Montag Introduces Reactions To Kanye West, In Pictures

Heidi Montag Introduces Reactions To Kanye West, In Pictures

by | 14th, September 2009

KANYE West advertises the MTV Awards AGM by upstaging Taylor Swift and the media, the web, vested-interest groups and celebs get to work. The making of a media shitstorm, features Heidi Montag, Pink. the Daily Telegrpah, Eammanuel Adebyaor, Barack Obama and lots of LOL …

1: The spoof video mash up

2. The celebs muscle in on the PR War


In a message on Twitter, Pink, who was in the audience, wrote: “Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.”

Please quote me.

Katy Perry:


Dane Cocks Coins:


Michelle Branch:


Heidi Montag introduces relgion:


3. The heated debate in the serious press

Michael Deacon is the Telegraph’s TV Features Editor. He also writes comment pieces and pop music reviews – “Kanye West is an idiot. But he’s got a point”

4. Tabloid Bingo!

“Is Emmanuel Adebayor football’s version of Kanye West? Or is Kanye West music’s version of former Arsenal, current Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor?” –  Brant Parsons, Orlando Sentinel

5. Race and misogyny




6. The LOL


7. The hope *


8. The Gallery

Big thanks to The Daily What

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