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You’ll Believe Susan Boyle Can Fly

by | 14th, September 2009

boyle-horseSUSAN Boyle is in the US of A and living the lifelong dream of sitting on a dwarf plastic elephant and not being able to fly it.

(Why do the horses have such long noses? Why, Simon? Why?)

With those ghosts of not being allowed to sit on the Noddy ride outside Mr McDooms laid to rest by cleansing trip to Disneyland, Susan Boyle, ninth wonder of the universe, gets ready for her appearance on the final of America’s Got Talent, for which she will hymn the Rolling Stones track Wild Hair, aka Wild Horses.

You can listen to the song here. Or not…

“She had no idea the reaction would be quite so amazing,” a source told the Daily Mirror. “She kept joking, ‘It’s like the Beatles’.”

Elephant beats Walrus.

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