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Barack Obama Swap Autocue For Autotune, Video

by | 14th, September 2009

AUTOTUNE is not just for Cheryl Cole but it’s even good enough for Barack Obama, who fields questions and answers them, too, in the style of just about any average singer wharbling into a computer.

Autocue is dead. Long live autotune:


Shawtayee, as you can clearly see
I spent my cash tryna fix my knee
Sold my car and both my kidneys
How am I supposed to live if my fridge is out of cheese?

No on in America should go broke because they get sick
Real talk, gotta save cash money
Let’s take that money
And we’ll all be sittin pretty
Let’s put it in the kitty

Yeah, we’re gonna make it right
Kill your granny and save your life
Next question

Ooh! Thanks for callin in me
I never thought I’d be on national TV
But why you gotta change the way things work
When Jesus Christ said we’re the best country in the universe?

We’re paying $6,000 more than any other advanced country
And we’re not healthier
Says here you’re all fatties
We’re not healthier
Cut down on the beef patties


If you were floating through space
And you could only say one thing
Tell me what would you say?
Shawtay, what would you say?

There is a moment in the life of every generation
When that spirit of hopefulness has to come through
Let’s work together, it’s time to rock
Neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block
County by county, state by state
We decide in our guts when we are determined


God bless America!

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