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Lady GaGa In Suicide Terror

by | 15th, September 2009

“LADY GAGA in suicide shocker,” screams the Daily Star, which might have seen the singer dressed in a burka on the MTV awards’ stage to collect a Best New Artist statuette and puts two and two together to make… can you repeat the question?

The story is a sensation:

LADY GAGA shocked millions of telly viewers by faking her own death in a sick stage stunt. The outrageous star collapsed dripping in “blood” during her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York. Fans were stunned as she pretended to stab herself in the chest. Her white outfit was smeared with gore as she writhed around and rubbed the fake blood on her face.

Bloodsoaked Gaga, 23, next appeared hanging limply from a cord suspended from the roof, her neck twisted to the side and a blank look on her face.

And this all happened while the world’s media was watching brattish pop star Kanye West behave like a, well, brattish pop star? Now we known about it, there vey chance we can agree to be offended:

A spokesman for PAPYRUS, the national charity for prevention of young suicides, blasted: “This act is not cool: sensationalising and romanticising suicide is irresponsible. Celebrities, who are often idolised by young people, need to be more aware of the impact that such acts can have on vulnerable young people.”

Hey, kids. No climbing on stage and stabbing yourselves in the chest. It is not cool.

Says Lady GaGa:

“I have an obsession with death and sex.”

She should write for the Star.

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