Anorak News | Dunkin’ Donuts Sued Over Toddler’s Too Hot Hash Browns

Dunkin’ Donuts Sued Over Toddler’s Too Hot Hash Browns

by | 15th, September 2009

dunkin_hash_brownsIN the USA, where everyone is a victim waiting to file a claim, a Franklin, Mass. couple would like Dunkin’ Donuts to pay them $200,000 in damages because their progeny, one Cullen MacLeod, 23 months, burned his neck on a “dangerously hot” hash brown.

It is said that the lad did suffer “serious and permanent burn injuries” after the hot hash brown fell from his mouth and onto his neck, where it “stuck”.

Indeed, dear reader, these parents are playing with fire: a) feeding junk food for a minor is child abuse, is it not?; b) where is the boy’s fork and napkin tucked into his collar?; c) isn’t a hash brown a gateway drug?

The couple’s lawyer Joseph K. Curran Jr. offers us:

It took only seconds for the extremely high temperature of the interior portion of the food item to severely burn and blister (Cullen’s) skin,”

Before handing the hash brown to her son to eat, the boy’s mother, Robin, checked it and found it was “lukewarm,” the suit states. The family claims the hash brown heated up “unevenly” and that the food’s interior temperature was “unsafe for public consumption.”

Anorak recalls the case of the judge’s trousers, when Roy L. Pearson brought a case against a local dry cleaners he accused of losing a pair of trousers. The cost of his claim: $54 million.

Pearson broke down in tears as he recounted the trauma of losing his precious trousers and had to be escorted from the courtroom.

That the real stuff of America. Think big.

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