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Jennifer Aniston Compares Herself To Bambi

by | 16th, September 2009

JENNIFER Aniston wants to tell us that she has not had her breasts enhanced. She wants to tell us that she has “lots of energy”.

But above all she wants to tell us:

“But now that I’m that bit older, my fears have dropped away and I fell I have all this freedom to explore the world – like Bambi going out to explore the forest.”

You can see Jennifer Aniston waking of a morning. A little wood-mouse slips out of a nest to wash her face in a dewdrop. A cuddle of baby sparrows chirp for ripe berries. A rosy-fingered dawn grows brighter.

All over Jennifer’s carpet of wonder, cute animals wake from delicious reverie. A blue bird flutters past, a butterfly on its wing. A rabbit taps its foot on a dewy log. Delighted finches pull gently at each strand of her hair, a gossamer halo of silk that illuminates the scene in tune with the rising sun.

The warm wind of halcyon days blows. And then dies. Ice. Sleet. Cruel north wind. A fox called AJ descends and chews out Jennifer’s eyes before eviscerating her and stomping on her heart, over and over and over and over and over and over…for six long years.

Keep running! Keep running! Don’t look back!

Pictures: Aaron Eckhart & Jennifer Aniston at the ‘Love Happens’ World Premiere, held at Mann’s Village Theatre, Westwood.

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