Anorak News | Loch Ness Gollum Monster Washes Up In Panama: Pictures

Loch Ness Gollum Monster Washes Up In Panama: Pictures

by | 17th, September 2009

monster-11NO sharks in the seas this summer, but the long wait for a tabloid monster is overĀ  – Gollum Ness is discovered languishing on rock in Panama, where, as is alleged has it, local children on their way to a kebab shop beat it to death. As reported:

According to reports in Panama, the teenagers spotted the creature crawling out of a cave while playing in the town of Cerro Azul north of Panama City. Fearing for the safety as it moved towards them, the youths claim they attacked the beast with sticks before throwing its lifeless body into a pool of water.

And then? And then.. And then it went missing.

Hamilton Nolan says it was only wanting to play. And then the kids poked it with fun, and sticks.

Telemetro reports that “while some say it may be a being from another planet, others simply believe that is an animal.”

Some say it is what they removed from Susan Boyle. Others contest it is a French spy. Others say it is the story that would have made it to print earlier had Michael Jackson not died. Some say it is Michael Jackson…

Image: Telemetro

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