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Susan Boyle Fakes It And Robbie Williams Fears

by | 18th, September 2009

SUSAN Boyle Watch: Susan Boyle’s a TV fake on , Elaine Paige recalls, The Beatles are the Four Susan Boyles and Robbie Williams foresees a nervous breakdown…

The Daily Star brings the shocking news: “Susan’s live gig a fake.”

As Anorak already reported, Susan Boyle did not sing live at the final of America’s Got Talent. Boyle sang her wrong-speed version of Wild Horses the day before the show.

She’s not a fake because she was not introduced as singing live. It was just that TeeVee, that most mendacious of media, did nto discourage viewers from believing that she was.

Producers then blended her performance into the actual show, making it appear that she was singing live. The 48-year-old spinster proved a huge hit with 45 million Americans.

Hold on a mo? In highligint the fakeries of the TV game, the daily Star has upped Susan Boyle’s fan club from 25 million to 45million. Top that TV!

Anyhow, how gtreat was Susan!

TVNZ: “Susan Boyle outshone by Shakira”

HuffPo: “She wasn’t even a competitor on the show, but Susan Boyle arguably stole the finale of “America’s Got Talent” Wednesday night when she made her US television singing debut.”

Anyhow what of the other untutored raw talent on the Simon Cowell prudction line?

Susan Boyle review: In Thursday’s Calendar, a review of Susan Boyle’s performance on “America’s Got Talent” said vocalist Leona Lewis was untrained. Lewis attended, among other institutions, England’s BRIT school, a free performing arts and technology high school whose alumni include Amy Winehouse.

Stars are not so plucked from obscurity, as they are taken from their agent’s dusty files. And they are huger than huge.

Scottish Daily Record: “Susan Boyle predicted to be bigger than Beatles after stunning debut on America’s Got Talent”

Can Susan Boyle do with two old songs what The Beatles needed reams of original material to achieve, and an ability to sing live? Are the Beatles the Four Susan Boules?

X Factor winner Leona showcased her new single Happy while Shakira wiggled her hips to her latest release She-Wolf. But neither of them could outshine Susan, of Blackburn, West Lothian, who appeared on stage in a floor-length black gown and was accompanied by a full orchestra. She received a standing ovation, not only from the crowd in the Hollywood theatre but also from all three judges – David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne.

Would any ndare nto sto stand for Oru Suana?

While Susan is bigger than the Beatles, can she bigger than… Robbie Williams?

But Rob is a big reality TV fan and Britain’s Got Talent runner-up SUSAN BOYLE is giving him cause for concern at the moment.

He says: “I’m afraid for her. I seriously am. It will not take much to push her over the edge. Her head seems like a strange place to be.”

The Sun then brings us Susan’s Boyle, er, secret dairy:

DAY 2: Sunday, Sep 13
We took a trip to Disneyland. It was absolutely wonderful and I got to fulfil a childhood dream going there. I loved Splash Mountain – it was so exhilarating!

But no picture of Susan Boule on the big rides just those shots of her looking like a child on a Variety Coach holiday as she sat on the back of a big plastic Dumbo.

Meanwhile Elaine Paige is plugging her new autobiography, celebrating her 40 years on stage. So, Ealine, let’s talk about the highlight of your carrer:

Question: You were also a big part of the whole Susan Boyle mania this past summer.
Paige: Isn’t that amazing? That came out of nowhere. I was actually on holiday when that first hit, when she was kind enough to mention my name [on “Britain’s Got Talent”]. I was completely unaware of it… It was on my e-mail, the YouTube thing. She had sung “I Dreamed a Dream,” which indeed I sing in my show. So I have now met her, of course. I don’t know if that came out here.

Question: Yes, I saw it on “The Today Show.”
Paige: Right. [Meredith Vieira] flew over and interviewed Susan, and then I surprised her [in the studio].

Question: What was that like?

Paige: I thought, “My gosh, I hope this goes down okay…

Question: She seemed shocked.
Paige: She seemed pretty shocked. So it was nice… She was just a sweet person, and I wished her well. So that is extraordinary.

Question: Did you give her advice?
Paige: Somebody said to her, “Have you got anything you want to ask Elaine?” She asked me what songs I like to sing best, so I told her I’m a ballad person myself… She was very nice. It just reminded me of how my life turned around with Evita . . . but, for me, I was a professional person and had years of experience prior to it… But, of course, I didn’t have YouTube and instant worldwide attention…

Ssuan Boyle is all things to all people.

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