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Barbie Schoolboy Turns Into A Girl Over Summer Holidays

by | 18th, September 2009

ken_barbieTHE Sun brings news of the 12-year-old boy who changed sex during the summer holidays.

Beats riding a pony and getting your ears pieced, kids. And, no he didn’t go to cmaping in France.

The Sun has more:

Teachers called an emergency assembly to order fellow pupils to treat him as female. The lad, whose parents have changed his name to a girl’s by deed poll, arrived in a dress with long hair in ribboned pigtails. He is preparing for sex-swap surgery.

So he didn’t change sex during the summer hols. What the “lad” did was not get his hair cut and prepare for a sex change operation at a time the Sun does not reveal. But forget the facts for a moment and consider the effect on the other kidzzzz, the real victims:

Angry parents told yesterday how their kids were left tearful and confused after school staff announced the boy pupil was now a girl.

Children cried because a boy had grown his hair and put ribbons on. Sissies.

They said the head teacher should have informed them in advance of the “sex change” so they could prepare their sons and daughters and inform them about gender issues. They added that the school’s failure to do so had left the boy to suffer cruel taunts and bullying.

The boy who is close enough to a girl to qualify for a sex change operation is only now the subject of cruel taunts? What kind school is this where the kids weep at ribbons and then mock the, er, ribbons? The lad is not the only one who’s confused. Later we get this:

It is understood the head at his primary school insisted he was treated as a boy – and used male toilets – despite his frequent “girlie” behaviour. He wore a bikini instead of trunks at swimming lessons, dried himself on Barbie towels, rode a pink scooter to school and wore pink ribbons in his hair.

And then mum put a yellow ribbon in his hair and added a vowel to the end of his name and he became an object of ridicule.

It is understood he hoped his transformation would go unnoticed as he was starting secondary education and children stepping up from other primary schools would not recognise him.

Puberty can change a child, but the ribbons and long hair might not have been enough. Perhaps he should have stayed in the bikini?

The boy, who for years has told pals he yearns to be a girl, had to endure spiteful jibes and was asked by some kids: “Are you gay?”

And… And that is it. How school has changed. But what of the complains levelled against the school’s handling of FotheringtonThomas?

The mum, whose daughter was a classmate of the lad at primary school, said…

One parent who used to have a child at the lad’s school complains… Go on:

“Parents surely have a right to know when their children are being confronted with such sensitive issues as gender realignment at such a young age… It is not fair either for the child who is undergoing this change. The girl, as she now is, will go through hell because of how this has been handled.”

So thanks for talking to the papers and one concerned mum with a good line in social work babble for making it better. Meanwhile over in Sweden…

Swedish Parents Raise Two-Year-Old As A Boy And As A Girl

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