Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Sinks Her Teeth Into ‘Justin Timberlake’, Pictures

Amy Winehouse Sinks Her Teeth Into ‘Justin Timberlake’, Pictures

by | 18th, September 2009

AMY Winehouse is back in London and back doing what she does best. No, not making records. Smoking a fag, getting photographed and being annoyed.

Amy is pictured with Tyler James. Who he? Why, in 2002, The Face magazine was billing Tyler as “the British answer to Justin Timberlake”. He turns out to be the British answer to the question uttered by showbiz reporters this morning: “Who the **** is that with Wino?”

The press round-up:

* “After having two teeth out at the dentist (an irrelevent detail, but one that amused us) [sic], Amy and old flame/old friend Tyler James had three separate dinners (one was at Pizza Express, and we bet those doughballs played havoc with that dental work) and then went to a jazz club (nice. Which is a reference you won’t get if you’re under 25)” – 3am Girls

To the club, nicely!

* “Amy Winehouse turned up on stage at the Jazz After Dark club in central London last night and sang a handful of songs… Winehouse showed up at the club, hand in hand with a new mystery-man [see above] … an argument broke out. Winehouse was photographed yelling at someone outside and had to be restrained by her security staff and forced into her car while baring her teeth furiously” – Inquistr

Teeth. Furiously.

* The Rehab star looked thoroughly riled as she snarled and bared her teeth during the altercation – Daily Mail

If you going to go to the dentist, you might as well show off the work. But take care:


* Wild Amy Winehouse was so angry last night that she appeared to spit at photographers as she left a Soho jazz bar after a boozy evening – Metro

Not spit – just Amy Winehouse making news. Shards of dougballs all round…

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