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X Factor And Strictly Come Dancing Go To War

by | 19th, September 2009

simon-cowell1THE BBC has “let Britain down”, says Simon Cowell, to Sun readers.

Simon Cowell is “STRICTLY SEETHING” with “fury” at BBC “over X Factor clash with Rival show”.

The X Factor is on the telly at the same time as Strictly Come Dancing. This is a crisis of democracy that splits voters between voting for a dumpy stage school also-ran or the part-trained non-dancing celebrity.

Both shows are on at the same as YouTube, which features lots of undiscovered singers who can sing well and any number of nonentities not dancing well.

Cowell said: “It is the wrong decision for the simple reason the public don’t want it to happen. They are the two most popular shows on TV and the fact they go out at the same time is crazy. Everyone knows that.”

What we need is vote on whether the public want telly to happen or not. Sure there are viewing figures, but let’s go further. Telly is after all very important, and possibly the sole reason the Daily Mirror still exists as a newspaper. We need to investigate properly.

So let’s have the EastEnders cast take on a team from Coronation Street in a pub quiz, with the winner deciding which show, the bad dancing or the average singing, gets out attention. Simon Cowell adds:

“It is a question of the BBC and ITV approaching it in a gentlemanly way. You give the public what they want, full stop. There is no argument. They pay the licence fee, they effectively pay for the advertising on ITV, they should be in control.”

We are in control. We have the remote control and the broadband telly and a radio. We can flick between the channels and miss out the adverts that fund the ITV cruise shop karaoke to watch whathisname on the dancing, and flick over from the bits where the untelegenic dance judges deliver their verdicts out of ten to see Cheryl Cole doing an impression of Saint Agatha being struck by a scalpel of divine lightning and Dannii Minogue trying to regain the use of her eyebrows.

As Cowell writes in the sun about his view, his arms folding across his chests to emphasise how much he means it, readers also hear from Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt:

Like many, I thought the scheduling of Strictly Come Dancing alongside The X Factor was the latest ridiculous decision by the BBC – proof that something is going wrong at the broadcaster.

Hunt’s failure to appear on either show may be construed as Westminster’s failure to grab the nettle of populism.

But the real battle is which of ITV or the BBC is greedier: The BBC starches SCT further than Linda Bellingham’s knickers and ITV is the corpse being jumped on by Simon Cowell’s legion of freaks, geeks and shrieks.

Tune and tune out.And watch the best bit on the internet…

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