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How To Spot A BT Scam Artist

by | 19th, September 2009

btBT has issued a warning that its customers are being scammed by a people claiming to be from the company and then taking money under false pretences.

The ploy:

The scammers call up their victim and warn them that their account is in arrears. They then ask for card or bank details in order to settle the account. If the person refuses or asks for proof, the fraudsters then offer to prove who they are by disconnecting the phone line then and there. Once the victim puts the phone down, the scammer stays connected to their line, thus giving the impression that the customer’s line no longer works.

How to spot a fake BT caller:

Does the caller sound as if they are talking down a tin can from a beach in Goa?
Yes: It’s BT
No: It’s BS

Does the caller ask you a series of questions about your personal life and then when asked for their full name reply that they won’t provide it because to do so is an invasion of their privacy?
Yes: BT
No: BS

When you ask to speak to a supervisor are you put on hold and forced to listen to how important your call is to BT and then after some minutes repeat the complaint you made earlier to a new person called Julie?
Yes: BT
No: BS

Having dealt with BT do you desire to plant your fist through a computer screen and declare war on India?
Yes: BT
No: BS

Is the scammer reliable?
Yes: BS
No: BT

Failing that, here’s our video guide – NSFW:

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