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Full Details Of Katie Price’s Rape

by | 20th, September 2009

ONE whole day on from news that Katie Price would no longer speak of her rape, the News of The World screams:

Jordan relives agony of her sex ordeal

JORDAN today reveals shocking details of her rape by a mystery TV celebrity for the first time. The 31-year-model ended up in bed with the star at a drunken party in London – only for him to turn nasty when she said she didn’t want sex.

Does she? Before we discover the truth, reach under the duvet and grab hold of the details:

“I said no – but he wouldn’t take no for an answer,” she confided to a pal. “He said ‘How about a b***j**’. I was horrified and burst into tears,” she told her friend. Now every time I see his face on TV I shudder. It brings back such horrible memories.”

Katie is talking to the NOTW’s Fabulous magazine, in which we can read fabulous tales of a stars being raped by a star. Only, we don’t hear anything about it. All we get is a “friend” telling us about a “private conversation” they had with Katie. Over in the colour supplement we read nothing new. It begins:

Katie Price is a woman of huge extremes and even bigger contradictions.

Jordan-sized extremes. But what of these contradictions? Katie price is utterly consistent: a walking aid to masturbation, who uses her primary sexual organs to get noticed, get on and make money.

Chrissy Iley has more, and we hear more of the same:

“I lost the baby,” she says quietly. “Four days later, I ran the London Marathon bleeding. A week later I was getting divorced. It’s not right for a man to leave a woman after they’ve just lost a baby, after seeing a picture in a paper that triggers them to leave.”

The miscarriage that Katie Price is reluctant to talks about is once more being talked about.

But why did they split up, Katie and Pete? As the NoTW says:

The model – who tells the full story of her marriage break-up in a world exclusive interview with our Fabulous magazine today…

Here’s that full story in full:

She pauses for breath for the first time. She doesn’t want to reveal the exact incident that led to the divorce…

So what is the purpose of this interview? Is the point of Katie Price to be Katie Price, and be liked for it?

“Pete is always being pictured with the kids and I don’t want to play that game. It’s like Monopoly – and I’m in jail. I’ve run out of ‘Get out of jail free’ cards.

So no more sympathy for Katie Price. She won’t even try to solicit any:

Her least favourite body part is the index finger on her left hand. “I had cancer in it and a lump was taken out so now it looks like a Nic Nac and there’s a scar.”

“Anyone who has had miscarriages knows they’ve happened for a reason. It’s nature’s way – it wasn’t meant to be. But I’ve got three beautiful kids and I will have more children,” she says.

Is it true that she hasn’t cried about the break-up? Katie shakes her head. “I did my crying within the marriage. The amount of times I’d call my mum…,” she says, then trails off.

Says the NoTW’s woman on the scene:

She doesn’t waste a minute feeling sorry for herself. She’s not a victim.

Not yet… But the media narrative is fluid.

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