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How Manchester United Beat Manchester City In 97 Minutes And Eight Seconds

by | 20th, September 2009

MANCHESTER United defeat Manchester City 4-3 and the media reacts to Michael Owen’s goal in the 96th minute of match that runs for 90 minutes with 4 minutes of added time:

The Old Trafford Time Zone

* Fergie’s mythical magical stopwatch still reigns supreme at Old Trafford. As the four minutes of stoppage time originally signaled by the fourth assistant came and went, the question, ‘HOW much added time are they playing?’ in the MirrorFootball office was answered – prophetically, as it happened – by one resident Man United fan: ‘As much as it takes’ – Mirror

Play To The Whistle

* City manager Mark Hughes was seeking an explanation from referee Martin Atkinson as Owen’s goal came five minutes and 26 seconds into four minutes of added time” – Reuters

* “I have not had a word with the referee yet but the the fourth official (Alan Wiley) tried to give me an explanation of sorts as I was questioning the amount of time added on even before the game finished,” said [Mark] Hughes. His explanation did not sit comfortably with me. He said a minute plus had been added because of our celebration. We scored on 90 minutes, the board was already up for four minutes, so Mr Wiley said he was going to add that minute on.

“The amount of time from when we scored to when we kicked-off was something like 45 seconds. He has got that wrong as well. It was 95 minutes 26 seconds.

“Obviously he has played too much time and we ended up playing 97 minutes. I just needed an explanation as to why so much time was needed. United were given a little more time than they should have been given to get the goal… It would be nice to get an explanation but I don’t think I will” – BBC

The Timeline

* This probably won’t make it , but here is an explanation of the 6 minutes of added time:

From re-winding the Match, Craig Bellamy scored City’s 3rd on 89:55. The game does not restart until 91:01. One minute and six seconds have been wasted and will be added onto the original four minutes of added time, taking it to at least 95:06. Michael Carrick was brought on to replace Anderson. All substitutions add 30 seconds onto added time, taking it to 95: 36

Owen scored the winner on 95:28, meaning the game was still 8 seconds within added time – Football 365

The Pictures

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