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Sorry But Amanda Platell Is On Strictly Come Dancing

by | 21st, September 2009

1176188STRICTLY Come Dancing: Amanda Platell’s verdict on TV dance magistrate Alesha Dixon:

This from Amanda Platell in the Mail:

For a moment I thought I was suffering an echo in my brain because I seemed to be hearing everything twice. But no. It was merely the fact that Alesha is so verbally challenged that the only way she can fill her time on air is to endlessly repeat herself. On her debut show as judge, for example, she told boxer Joe Calzaghe: ‘You were smelling her hair at one point. It looked like you were smelling her hair.’ And that was the highlight. Most of the time Alesha simply parroted: ‘You were brilliant, just brilliant.’

What’s worse, by her second outing on Saturday she had stopped saying everything twice –and was saying it thrice instead.

Amanda’s ear is well-tuned to repetition:

* “Sorry, but Elton John is too selfish to be a father”

* “Sorry, but we need more than apologies”

* “Sorry, but her brave victory diminishes us all”

* “Sorry, but all of us – including me – must share the blame for Susan Boyle’s path to The Priory”

Sorry but, Amanda Platell writes for the Mail

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