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Katie Price’s Rape In Pictures

by | 21st, September 2009

alex-reidIN “JORDAN: HATE MOB WILL GET ME”, the Daily Star has news of Jordan, you know, the former Mrs Peter Andre, the former Page 3 Girl known to celebrity insiders as Katie Price? Well, she’s back in the news:

KATE Price is terrified she will be targeted by hate mobs after facing the most brutal backlash of her life. The model has increased security after a baying crowd turned on her at boyfriend Alex Reid’s cage fight.

Katie Price is so concerned about her security she’s gone to watch a cage fight.

Things were nastier outside the ring than in it, as booing fans screamed insults and shouted in her face.

Sticks and stones can break my bones (so can chisels and the surgeons little metal hammer) but names will never hurt me.

The crowd turned against Kate, 31, and Alex, 34, as she admitted they have become the most hated couple in Britain.

A straw poll of the Anorak Typing Pool reveals Britain’s most-hated couples to be:

Noel Edmonds plus One
Anthea Turner & Grant Bovey
Tony Blair & Cherie Blair
The Chuckle Brothers
Charles & Camilla
Bodie & Doyle

Fears for her safety grew after she almost sparked a riot by goading the angry crowd. Several guards were even forced to step in to stop a scuffle as two fans tried to get to her. Cries of “slag” and “bitch” rang round east London’s Troxy arena as the mood turned sour.

Then the fighters got to it with nails and nasty pinching. And Jordan stood up and so as not to distract from Reid’s fight and retain a low profile, whooped and kept her Jordans retrained behind a tight fabric.

The Star knows why there were catcalls:

The backlash comes after Kate’s claim she was raped by a celebrity.

One thing any right-minded cage fight fan and web poster will not tolerate is Katie making light of violence:

One web poster even warned: “She better watch herself. I can see her letting her gobby mouth take over once too often, she’ll do it with the wrong person one day and someone is going to put a fist in it.”

Too right!

After her boyfriend had won, Kate flashed her knickers at other girls as she changed into a tiny black dress with the words “The Champ” on her chest.

Short for Champerty – a  none-too-subtle dig at dignified Peter Andre:

n. – Partnership in power; equal share of authority. 2
n. – The prosecution or defense of a suit, whether by furnishing money or personal services, by one who has no legitimate concern therein, in consideration of an agreement that he shall receive, in the event of success, a share of the matter in suit; maintenance with the addition of an agreement to divide the thing in suit.

As for the fight:

The mob chanted the name of his opponent Jack “The Stone” Mason after Alex had retained his title. The “26-yar-old” (aka The Mail’s “City banker Jack Mason, 27”) tells us:

“I understand about the politics and the money, but I won that fight.”

Well, actually you didn’t. You lost. But better luck with the politics and the money – the Government needs all the help it can get…

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