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Peter Andre Kisses Woman To Death

by | 21st, September 2009

7684397WHILE Katie Price was knocking ‘em bandy at lover Alex Reid’s cage fight, Peter Andre was knocking them dead by less bloody means. This week Peter has been in Asda. Famously, he was in Ikea. And he’s been to a Virgin Megastore. No shop is too big for Peter to appear in. He remains undaunted by size.

The Daily Mail has loads of facts on Pete’s latest trip to shop:

While his former wife was supporting her lover at yesterday’s cage-fight, Peter Andre was dealing with his new found fame. The singer’s relaunched music career saw him greeted by more than 9,000 fans as he appeared at a store in Havant to sign albums.

Were all these fans there to meet Andre or to shop? We never do know what footfall Asda, Havant, experiences on a Sunday, but not everyone might have been shopping for Pete.

They queued for five hours to meet Andre, who valiantly attempted to sign every album sold. Fans climbed over the barriers to get near Andre, with ambulances called after 12 women fainted.

The crowd is a little dimished in Porsmouth’s local paper:

More than 6,000 adoring Peter Andre fans turned out to his album signing at Asda in Bedhampton, desperate for a chance to meet the Australian pop singer The earliest arrived at 10pm on Friday night – 16 hours ahead of the 36-year-old’s arrival.

And now rumours that Peter Andre has swine flu, or something still more deadly (is there anything?):

Kerry, 33, of The Crossway, Portchester, said: ‘I cannot believe I kissed Peter Andre on the lips. I’m going to die a happy woman.’

Peter Andre is single. And should be approached with caution…

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