Anorak News | Omer Bhatti Plays Michael Jackson And Armed Joe Jackson Foresaw His Son’s Death

Omer Bhatti Plays Michael Jackson And Armed Joe Jackson Foresaw His Son’s Death

by | 21st, September 2009

MICHAEL Jackson Watch: Omer Bhatti, the man who is not Michael Jackson’s secret love child is to star as Michael Jackson in a new film about the King Of Prop (ofol). Or as the Sun says:

MICHAEL Jackson’s secret “lovechild” is to play him in a new movie about the King of Pop’s glory years.

This is Omer Bhatti, who met Jackson when he was 12 and who says he is not Jackson’s son?

Omer Bhatti is the boy who Jacko “is said to have told pals in 2004 that 25-year-old Omer was his son from a one-night stand.”

What more proof do you need?

Don’t listen to what the boy’s family says, listen instead to Papa Joe Jackson, who with the Jackson Three and a Bhatti in the compound is but one Jackson away from forming another super group. Cliff Richard, Mowgli, Price Harry and Leo Blair are all early contenders to the part. Oh, and Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson. As Joe says:

“I knew that he had another son. Yes I did. He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson.”

What a Jackson looks like a movable target. But Joe Jackson knows:

The 81-year-old power behind the Jackson family’s music success said that he tried to stop Michael from taking prescription drugs in the weeks before his sudden death on June 25. But a barrier of security guards prevented Joe from reaching his son. He said: “I thought, ‘I’ll go get my gun and shoot my way to Michael’. I said to my wife, Katherine, ‘We must get the boy out of there or he is dead in one week’. And one week later he was indeed dead.”

But let’s go on with the story of Omer Bhatti, with the Sun:

Omer has been staying at the Jacksons’ California home since Michael’s death in June and is believed to be seeking a DNA test to prove the star is his dad.

Bhatti would grab hair from a pillow but we fear he’d become confused when the lab results show that he is related to a factory in chain that makes a fibre initially developed to lasso the moon.

Michael Jackson is dead – on with the show…

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