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Raped Katie Price’s Married Man Confesses

by | 22nd, September 2009

okIN “My nights with married man made Peter leave”, Katie Price “finally confesses”. The cover of OK! captures Katie in a cuddle with Andrew Gould and delivers the headline:


This is the same Andrew Gould who told us:

He said: ‘All this fuss is over one drink I had with Kate. I’ve had drinks with lots of my clients but because she is famous, this has been turned into something it is not.’

But the cover of OK! shows you and Katie in an embrace and says Katie chose you over her husband…

Dressage coach Andrew, 28, angrily insisted he was “f***ing sick” of being portrayed as “the other man” in the couple’s troubled marriage.



SHAMELESS Kate Price has revealed all about the “sexy nights” that ended her marriage in another twist to her divorce saga. She has opened her heart about her relationship with dressage coach Andrew Gould that drove Peter Andre wild.

Says Katie Price:

“He said if I didn’t move my horses it would be over. Why the hell should I have to do that because of what Pete says? It basically got to the point where it was my marriage or my horses.”

Which would the kids prefer, playing horsey on pop acorn Peter Andre or playing horsy on an actual horse?

Andrew Gould and his wife Polly also sit in on the interview.

Kate, aka Jordan, rubbed more salt in the wounds by rolling in the hay with the horse hunk for a raunchy photoshoot. She even posed for playfighting snaps with Andrew’s wife Polly. Kate claimed Pete, 36, left her because he was riddled with jealousy over Andrew, 29.

Well, so says the Daily Star, sister organ to OK!.

Over in Closer magazine:


Can you have a non-violent rage? News is that Jordan has smashed a glass bowl against a wall.

“…pals fear she’s losing the plot as she swings from violent rages to hysterical sobbing fits.”

And the rape?

A “pal” arrives to say, “We are think she’s crying wolf over the rape, not to mention saying publicly that she was having tests for cancer.”Not to mention… Mentioned. As we know, seven years ago, Katie had a cancerous growth cut off from the tip of her finger. Rumours were that Katie’s finger end contained more talent than the rest of her body, but when the rest of her body was rearranged, the source of her talent came back.

“Everyone’s wondering when the revelations are going to end.”

At a guess, we’d say when Katie stops selling magazines.

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