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Nicolas Cage’s Superman Audition Pictures

by | 22nd, September 2009

nicholas-cageNICOLAS CAGE loves Superman. Just loves him. Cage gave Superman’s Krypton birth name to his own son KAL-EL.

Says he:

I really like the movie. Each night I have dreams that I’m flying. I’m a real good floater in my sleep. But I wake up thinking the dream really did happen. My wife looks at me and sees I’m lifting up, wondering if I’m really going to leave the ground. It’s quite a wake-up call.”

Nicolas Cage came close to being Superman in a film version written by Kevin Smith and Wesley Strick, directed by Tim Burton, which would have meant Helena Bonham Carter playing Lois Lane.

There is talk of the script and money spiralling out of control and so it was never made. But all the producers had to do was film Cage asleep, like he was in Moonstruck and lots of other films.

we don’t want a Superman who disguises himself as a boring old newspaper journalist – we want Superman to be disguised as a shrieking, boggle-eyed lunatic with a British accent so terrible that it borders on the offensive. Nicolas Cage can do anguish. Nicolas Cage can do Kryptonite-addled hysteria. Nicolas Cage can do anything.

Some say he can even act while awake…

Nicolas Cage is Superman – You’ll Belive A Man Can Say Whyyyy – in a whiny voice…

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