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Frida Khalo Fakes Scandal, A Special Investigation

by | 23rd, September 2009

MONOBROWED artist Frida Kahlo is the subject of a fake art scam.

Mexican prosecutors are responding to a complaint by the artist’s trust that 1,000 items in two books are forgeries. But the publishers of Finding Frida Kahlo have rejected calls for the book to be withdrawn, saying it states that some items are not 100% authenticated.

See this genuine Rollox watch, sir. It’s 87% the genuine article. And this Giorgio Ferrari jacket and shirt combo… an impressive 198% accurate, madam.

Says Frida Kahlo Museum director Hilda Trujillo:

“We must stop the commercialisation of false works.

Says US art expert Professor James Oles:

“This will infect all the studies of Frida Kahlo with a virus and bad, inaccurate information.”

Anorak has taken the liberty to investigate this scandal and we can now expose the fakes for what they are in our

Gallery of Fridge Magnet Kilo fakes:

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