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Death Of A President: George Bush Was A Better Hitler Than Obama

by | 23rd, September 2009

WHO is the biggest Little Hitler: George Bush or Barack Obama? Let’s have a heated debate.

And which had the bigger death cult – Bush (murdered by Channel 4) or Barry, haunted by the Barack Obama Death Cult?

Wrote Mark Steyn:

On the other hand, if you’re running for president not as an unexceptional first-term senator with a thin resume but as the new Messiah, the new Kennedy, the new Gandhi, the new Martin Luther King, you can’t blame folks for leaping ahead to the next stage in the mythic narrative. Around the world, a second instant sub-genre has sprung up in which commentators speculate how long it will be before some deranged Christian-fundamentalist neo-Nazi gun-nut deprives America of its fleeting wisp of glory.

Readers may recall Death of a President, the docu-drama about the imagined assassination of George W Bush, broadcast on Channel 4 – “In the dramatic sequence, created with the use of computer graphics, the President can be seen being held up by a secret service guard as his life ebbs slowly away.”

Pete Dale, head of More4, the stationed that screened the 90-minute movie, called it  a “thought-provoking critique” of contemporary US society.

Spotter: Tim Blair

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