Anorak News | Angelina Jolie Tells OK! ‘I Don’t Ask For Tabloid Attention’

Angelina Jolie Tells OK! ‘I Don’t Ask For Tabloid Attention’

by | 24th, September 2009

7697914ANGELINA Jolie would like OK! readers, and therefore us, to know:

“I don’t ask for all this tabloid attention so I never read what they write about us.”

It’s the media. It’s all the media. Angelina is talking about the invasive tabloids in an OK! interview. She doesn’t ask to be in the tabloids. It’s not her fault that hacks and snappers not part of her accredited team follow her about.

AJ: First I see myself as a mother – that’s my priority… I don’t even go out that much, I travel and do a film and that’s about it so I don’t understand why people want to know more about our lives.


OK!: Rumour has it that you don’t get on with Brad’s family. How is your relationship with them?
AJ: Great!
OK!: You’re a mum of six – are you planning to have any more?

A continent inhales…

AJ: …I’d say yes.


OK!: What kind of parents are you and Brad?
AJ: We try to find a balance in our lives because we want to educate our children and fulfil our dreams as artists and people.

Do you want to go on, Ange, the “tendency to want to know more and more” can be trying? Angelina braces herself. OK, go on. She does no ask to be in the tabloids. If her face and her kids sell magazines and fascinate people then so be it. It is her burden.

OK!: Despite your fame, are you really just like any other mum?
AJ: I am just a dedicated mother and really quite normal.

Jolie just wants to live a normal life with her lover her six children. If her brilliant life enthrals the world, then she is powerless to resist.

Says Ange:

“Despite the public’s perception I am a very private person…”

She is. We look. There is not one picture of Angelina in the bath. And we are left wanting more…

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