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Darren Day Is The New Bond, Darren Bond

by | 24th, September 2009

darren-dayDARREN Day, ‘member him, the actor / singer / fiancé who was engaged to former soap actress Tracy Shaw and fathered a child by former reality TV singer Suzanne Shaw, the actress who was engaged more times than a toilet at a cystitis convention?

Well, Darren Day is back in OK! and he’s playing at dress ups, pretending to be Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator and Gerard Butler in 300.

There is no doubting that Darren is a versatile talent. But can he do romance? The question is soon answered as Darren slips into a pair of duck egg blue swimmers last seen wrapped around Daniel Craig’s buttocks and PPK is Casino Royal.

The name’s Bond… Darren Bond. 0007 says he met a woman, his wife, and “became very content”. His little girl, Madison Bond, brought him two fingers of KitKat. He then set about losing three stones in three months.

So how’s the showbiz career?

“I do about 100 press-ups a day, but I did 590 on the day of the shoot…in the last month and a half we had chicken, fish and rice to sculpt the body.”

Darren says it might be an idea to do a military style boot camp DVD.

The Battle of the Bulge meets The Longest Day…

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