Anorak News | Debbie Rowe Reaches Out To Skin Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Poo

Debbie Rowe Reaches Out To Skin Jessica Simpson’s Daisy Poo

by | 24th, September 2009

jessica-simpson11IN Us magazine, Jessica Simpson is looking for her dog Daisy in Uganda, the one stolen by coyotes. She wants to interview the jackals and the wild dogs. What do they know? Is there an international conspiracy? When will Oprah Winfrey call and show Jessica what Daisy would like now and in, say, 18 years time.

(“Oprah, call me. For half a million dollars, I’ll talk. I’ll use up all the old tissues.”)

While she’s in Uganda, Jessica is filming for her reality TV show The Price of Beauty, in which she will show viewers how models are harvested and their coats turned into eyebrow muffs for Ugandan high society.

In Uganda, Jessica is hiding behind mosquito net. She asks her Twitter fans:

“Do I really have to sleep like this?”

No, you can close one eye and let the other one look out for Daisy-poo.

Meanwhile, the drums bring news from across the seas. It’s Debbie Rowe, mama to little Michael Jacksons:

“I’m very sorry for her loss.”

Jackson. Poodle. All life is here:

“When dogs are small, you can’t leave them out alone – especially at daybreak night time and evening,” she says in a clear metaphor. That’s when coyotes typically “come out to look for rabbits and other small game.”

We hear you, Debbie.

After Rowe’s dog Ruufus was attacked, “we were able to do the ‘country thing’ – we shot the coyote and hung the skin on the fence,” she tells Us. “The coyotes moved on after a few days.”‘

Can you skin a Jackson? And if so, why did no-one tell Michael?

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