Anorak News | Scotland’s Anti-Golf Protestors Manage To Parody Donald Trump, In Pictures

Scotland’s Anti-Golf Protestors Manage To Parody Donald Trump, In Pictures

by | 25th, September 2009

trump-face-11THE locals are not all in favour of tsunami-haired Donald Trump’s £1bn golf resort plans in Aberdeenshire. The locals have lampooned The Don.

Can you parody Donald Trump? Yes you can. The impossible dream has been achieved. The MLF has dressed up statues around Scotland as the American tycoon.

Yeah, don, they’re making statues of you already.

Trump’s head – a UNESCO site of special scientific interest – is everywhere. The Menie Liberation Front, which is making the Don the ubiquitous head of Scotland, will save Menie from Trumpism. A spokesman says:

“We are dressing up famous Scottish statues as the American tycoon to symbolise the way Trump thinks he can walk over Scotland. This development has gone too far. Throwing families from their homes for a private development is outrageous.”

Sarah Malone, executive vice president of Trump International Golf Links Scotland, shakes her head:

“Gimmicks such as this illustrate the lack of credibility of those involved…”

Gimmicks are so gimmicky. Don is so above such small-minded pettiness:

Says Donald Trump on Rosie O’Donnell:

When she looks in the mirror she suffers from depression. If I looked like Rosie, I’d suffer from depression too, believe me.”

Here’s the story about Donald Trump shaving a man’s head in a TV wrestling ring.

Here he is mailing Rosie’ O’Donnell’s knickers to Barbara Walters.

Here’s The Don stopping off in Stornoway, birthplace of his mother Mary Anne MacLeod.

Trump remained for a two-minute tour of his mother’s family dwelling, a stone clad home, but soon to be covered in a rich film of gold and mirrored plutonium. The Guardian says the visit lasted 97 seconds. The Herald counters with 120 seconds.

Here he is giving the recipe for sunken apricot soufflé:

“People always comment on it but it’s not that bad and it is mine. I mean, I get killed on it. I had an article where someone said it was a hairpiece but you can see it isn’t. I use spray actually. I’ll comb it wet then spray it so it doesn’t get blown away by the wind. I’ve taken a lot of heat on the hair but, hey, it seems to work.”

So no stunts and silly games. Let’s play golf!


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