Anorak News | East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer Is Big In Ladies Tights: Pictures

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer Is Big In Ladies Tights: Pictures

by | 25th, September 2009

HERE are photos of East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer dressed in his best knickers and bra combo.

Indeed, dear reader, finally America has a politician with imagination.
Says Brewer:

“Are you all part of the Eric Brewer for governor campaign? You need a sex scandal if you want to get to the next level.”

He’s right. With any luck the pictures will enableBrewer to bypass all that boring politicking and jump right into the media career.

But then he goes and holds a press conference:

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer held a press conference and pointed the finger at the East Cleveland Police Department for photos of what is said to be Brewer in drag and various sexual poses. Brewer, click here for the full statement, says that he had not seen the photos till WKYC broadcast them last night and was upset that the reporter who broke the story failed to ask him directly about the incident. He went on to say that the police department, who is backing another candidate in the primary, is playing “gutter politics”.

Yes, it’s all a plot to swing voters. And it works. Who can see these pictures and note vote for Brewer? If Cleveland doesn’t want him, Brewer can come to London. Don’t bother changing, Eric, you’ve already mastered the congestion charge…

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