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Eric Brewer Duets With Steini Girl

by | 25th, September 2009

steini-girlSTEINI Girl – Steine-Steini – is Social Democrat Franz-Walter Steinmeier’s Obama Girl.

Your singer is Steini-Girl, praising Steinmeier’s “coiled masculinity“, criticising his election opponent Chancellor Angela Merkel as “too masculine“, calling Liberal Party leader Guido Westerwelle “too feminine” and appraising Gregor Gysi as “too small“.

But any intended humour doesn’t come across. Steini-Girl appears as a stalker, an unhinged copycat groupie who plans to seduce Steinmeier and on the point of ultimate vulnerability ask him what his dad did in the war and kill him.

Once Obama Girl’s man won, she’d disappear, lapse into a state of catatonia, unbale to work out what to do with her life now that Obama had been elected. Steini Girl will just keep on singing, win or lose.

Forget Steini Girl, Steinmeier, focus on Erica Brewer. She’s the one for you. She’s big in Hamburg, and growing in Cleveland…

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