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Video Of A Drunk Paul Gascoigne Sobbing

by | 26th, September 2009

7837664PAUL Gascoigne is the “GAZZ GUZZLER”, downing “six pints of Stella in 20 minutes”.

Gazza is a changed man. Half-time in the football was only 15 minutes, give a take a few if Manchester United are winning (more) or losing (less). He needs to quicken it up a bit…. The soccer legend, 42, got through more than 40 Stella Artois in 13 hours, sobbing he wanted to die.

The poor girl:

He also sent pretty student Jade Freeman, 20, texts vowing to get back in the England squad. She said: “He’s on a different planet. Without rehab he’ll be dead in 18 months.”

The poor girl who survived the horror of watching a man have a drink – steeling herself to spend 13 hours with him while counting his empties – gathers herself to tell the Sun:

“His body will give up soon. It’s awful to watch.”

Awful, yet enthralling. Jade made a video of the awfulness:

They met at the Corus Hotel in Hyde Park. Jade took mobile phone footage of Gazza, 42 – previously sectioned under the Mental Health Act – as he poured out his heart.

Anyone want to see a grainy video of a middle-aged man upset? Hey, it’s what Bobby Robson would have wanted, right Jade?

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