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First Shock Pictures Of Jaycee Dugard At Disney

by | 27th, September 2009

jaycee-dugard1JAYCEE Dugard: the media’s hunt for picture of an adult Jaycee Dugard is on.

And the National Enquirer has the scoop – an image of Jaycee taken from the business card of Printing For Less, the firm Phillip Garrido ran from his home in Antioch.

The NE says local barber Wayne Thompson provided the image.

I was told it was her by Phillip,” Thompson said. “He said he put his daughter’s picture on the card to show what he could do with photos.”

Because if you can’t trust an alleged kidnapper, and a proven rapist and paedophile who hears god’s voice from black box and was addicted to LSD to tell the truth, to put the correct picture on a business card, who can you trust?

You see those call girls cards in the BT phone boxes, those adverts for chunky hookers? All real.

But why publish it?

According to Dugard’s family, the glamour shot of a young woman in a 1980s-era jean jacket — splashed across the top of the tabloid’s front page — is of somebody else.

“The family flatly, emphatically states that it is not her, not even close,” said Erika Price Schulte, a family spokeswoman.
“Frankly,” she said, “I think it’s horrendously irresponsible to run something like that. Either it’s inaccurate or, if it was her, you’d be identifying the victim of a sex crime against her wishes. I have an issue with it either way. It’s a no-win.”

Irrespsonsible? So what then should Jaycee appear on the Oprah Winfrey show?

And what of Jaycee’s family? Well, Radar Online, tells readers:

Jaycee Dugard’s Dad Reveals His Plan For Revenge Against Kidnapper – In a recent interview Probyn said he is going to write to Garrido regularly while the kidnapper serves time. “I will be telling him how our family is doing, that we are at Disney World, or that we are out having dinner laughing, we will be at the movie talking and having a wonderful time,” Probyn said, hoping his letters will torture an imprisoned Garrido. He also plans to put a lien on Garrido’s house. “I plan to have the house seized and make sure the profits go to Jaycee and her two kids,” he said.

But who is her father?

Who is Jaycee Dugard’s Father? Ken Slayton Wants Paternity Test and Tearful Reunion

Twenty-nine years after Jaycee Lee Dugard’s birth and 18 years after her abduction from a South Lake Tahoe bus stop, a man claiming to be her father is suddenly feeling a longing for a family reunion.

In a news conference on Sept. 23, Gloria Allred, the attorney for Ken Slayton, 63, said that he and Terry Probyn, Dugard’s mother, dated for about a month in 1979 when Probyn became pregnant. Allred said that Probyn never told Slayton about the baby.

Now Slayton wants a private paternity test and a reunion with the girl who was allegedly imprisoned in the Antioch, Calif., backyard of Phillip and Nancy Garrido for nearly two decades and forced to bear two children.

Slayton is now married with children and wrote in a statement that his wife and children “long to be the loving, supportive and normal family to her and her children that she has not had for 18 years.”

“He wants nothing from her,” Allred said at the news conference. “What they really want to do is love her.”

So they called the family?

A spokeswoman for the Dugard family said they have not been contacted by Slayton since Dugard was found

Jaycee Dugard – why do they stare?

All the pictures so far

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