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X Factor Danyl Johnson’s Pants Open Up

by | 27th, September 2009

danyl_johnsonWHAT news of X Factor favourite Danyl Johnson? What does he think of Alesha Dixon. What part did being Daniel with a Y have in his sob story? Katie or Peter?

New comes of Danyl’s sex life, which is perfect fodder for Graham Norton’s end of the vibrator show (insert joke about Susan Boyle’s pussy), Jonathon Ross’s TV spectacular – starring One Crude Question And A Smutty Remark –  and all other televised trouser gags.

The NoTW brings news:

The bisexual singer wears special SUPERMAN Y-fronts when he goes out on the pull. Like his comic book hero, Desperate Danyl is faster than a speeding bullet as he moves in on both boys AND girls in boozy clubs.

He wears his pants over his trousers. Ballsy stuff in the drunken club scene.

Then ZZZZZZZIP! He stuns them with his sex-ray pants before taking them up, up and wa-hey on a night of passion.

One flash of Danyl’s knickers and ladies and germs are knocked bandy. A sniff and they are rendered incapacitated, as if Superman were faced with a stick of Kryptonite shoved down Lois Lane’s sock draw…

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