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Coleen Nolan Sex Tape

by | 28th, September 2009

THE Daily Mirror brings front-page news of Coleen Nolan and the question that has burnt like a Swiss cheese maker’s cystitis:

“COLEEN – At last: truth about feud with my sisters”

With that long-awaited story now closed, the Daily Mirror can turn to other burning issues that remain open like festering sores ion the buttocks of the news’s body:

NOOKIE – At last: Nookie Bear: ‘Why I never got on with Orville’

EDDIE – Finally: Edward Windsor tells us his secrets of choosing a top bedroom sofa

PEACHES – Finally: Peaches Geldof tells us how many times she combs her hair

And many, many more exclusives…

Note: Last week Coleen said he had recorded a sex tape. If you see it, keep it to yourself, or tell a therapist…

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