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Lags Try To Get Suicidal Jack Tweed A Razor

by | 28th, September 2009

IT’S been a while since Mr Jade Goody, Jack Tweed, was the tabloids’ “Brave Jack“. Now he’s:

BLUBBERING Jack Tweed is going through hell as lags egg him on him to top himself.

Tweed is in jail on a rape charge – he denies any wrongdoing. The other day his dear old mum told the press that her boy was suicidal and crying lots. Now the Daily Star tells us, with words sourced in a prison source:

“Everyone knows who Jack is and no-one likes him. A lot of inmates love shouting at him, and they keep urging him to take his own life.”

Prisoners can be so mean.

“It’s not nice, but that’s the way prison is. Rumours are rife that someone tried to get a razor blade to Jack so he could slash his wrists.”

Rumours are rife in the tabloids too. Prison staff or lags talking to tabloids. You want more facts?

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