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Katie Price Records Whitney Houston Classic

by | 29th, September 2009

katie-price-singsFRONT-page news on the Daily Star is Jordan’s heartache, a dagger to her left breast – [insert sound of air escaping from li-lo here] as she wails:


It’s Jordan’s “heartache.”

FURIOUS Kate Price has accused former husband Peter Andre of cutting her off from their children. The model claims Peter has changed all his phone numbers to prevent her from speaking to them.

Is there another way of reaching Junior and Princess Timimimimimeeee? Can a note from mum be inserted in their morning tabloid? Can Newsround, the BBC’s children’s news show, carry special messages from Jordan to her kidz on the hour every hour? Will Katie be forced to wait until the kids get on stage to support dad and then scream: “Hax yooo dun yure ‘omewurk?”

And why-oh-why-oh-why have these poor kidz not got their own mobiles?

“I am so angry,” stormed Kate. “He’s acting like a kid when he’s supposed to be a responsible parent. He needs to grow up. We may not talk but we have to get on where the kids are concerned. They come first and he should know that. I need to be able to speak to my kids when they are with him. I’m not taking this crap from him.”


Kate raged: “He’s a selfish idiot. He has cut me off from my own kids.”

So why has Pete changed his phone number?

But Peter, 36, says he changed his numbers because Kate kept texting him love notes.

Heat magazine has more, bring-bringing readers:


Here’s Jordan, reportedly, singing the Whitney Houston classic IIIIIyyy Wearlllll All-wayszzzssszz Wuve Yoooooooo into Peter’s answer phone.

Is the answer phone why Peter left Katie – was she spending to much time with it?

A “source close to the singer” tells us about a private message left on Pete’s mobile phone. The message has not been leaked onto the web but you can recapture the magic by sticking an iPhone in a Orange and setting the ring tone to vibrate…

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