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Gordon Brown Blames The Media On Sky News

by | 30th, September 2009

LIKE most of you, Old Mr Anorak marked the Labour Party conference in traditional manner by ignoring it.

But the machinations of politics in which party leaders talk to the party activists in big halls by the seaside – and the cameras capture them rising to their feet to applaud the great leader’s great words on the Great British peoples – are of interest to the media, which has much space to fill and a campaign to find.

Gordon Brown is on Sky News telling anyone tuning in that when he speaks,

“Newspapers try to translate it into something other than what it is.”

It’s not Gordon Brown being unable to capture hearts and minds – the great unelected leader of the great democratic country – it’s the media.

“Newspapers are getting in the way.”

It’s the media. Gordon Brown is on Sky News and he’s wearing a smirky smile that says “I’m in on the joke“. Gordon Brown is using the media to blame the media and he’s smiling and saying that he’s not being allowed to talk.

And the media puffs out is chest and gets to feel very important.

Watching Gordon Brown is not enjoyable. It is hard work – watching a man begging to be put down, to be put away in a box and released from pain is not pleasant. Gordon Brown does not seem able to stop himself.

We’re not watching him – we’re rubber necking at the crash site.

Those front pages…

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