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The Real Reason Peter Andre And Katie Price Split

by | 30th, September 2009

pa-7857559IN “LOVESICK JORDAN’S SHRINE TO PETE”, the Daily Star says:

OBSESSED Kate Price has created a bizarre love shrine to ex-husband Peter Andre in their former marital home. The tormented glamour girl has surrounded herself with dozens of images and statues of Pete – even in her bedroom.

Haven’t we all? Asda is selling the Peter Andre Kit & Canoodle, a fluffy orange-hued night light that says “Shucks” when you look at it and blushes a deep, reassuring tangerine.

The source goes on:

And Kate, 31, has ignored new lover Alex Reid’s desperate calls to remove them. “Alex is not happy about it all – what man would like the ex staring at them in bed?’ It’s pretty weird but she tells him that the kids still need to see their dad’s face around the house.”

She could always buy a few copies of OK! and replace Princess Timiminiiii’s comics with Now magazine, in which Pete writes a column?

The news comes as it was revealed Kate has been bombarding Peter with pleas for a reunion.

Does anyone else imagine that when the divorce story has petered out, and Pete has petered out to fame’s bargain bucket and Katie realises she’s dating a Dean Gaffney look-alike, Peter and Katie will reunite?

But she has calmed cagefighter Alex, 34, by framing a huge photo of his bloody and battered face after his fight last week. The picture, engraved with the word “Champ”, has been given pride of place in the lounge.

There, that should cheer up the kidzz. The source goes on:

“It’s a bit weird. She says she hates Peter, but there are photos everywhere. She has kept a select few up and the clock they had made with their faces on is still hanging above the door in the kitchen. She has these busts of their faces and their names engraved on them hanging around the house and also has a photo next to the bed.”

Katie has a bust of her face? The woman is obsessed with breasts.

As Dwight Yorke, former Katie Price squeezer, writes in his book of the Andre-Price home:

“They’d turned it into a shrine to their own vanity. How many pictures of yourselves is it possible to put up on the walls?”

Might his be why the couple split – a lack of wall space? We had thought they ran out of sexual positions.

To China, with posters…

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