Anorak News | Peter Andre’s New Love Revealed And Katie Price Says Alesha Dixon Is Welcome To Him

Peter Andre’s New Love Revealed And Katie Price Says Alesha Dixon Is Welcome To Him

by | 30th, September 2009

alesha-dixon1PETER Andre smoulders like a warm cup of sugary camomile tea and tells OK! readers:


PETER ANDRE REVEALS LOVE AFFAIR.” It is a “world exclusive”.

So Pete, who’s the new lover?

PA: Life is really exciting. I’m filming my new reality TV show… I can’t believe how many people have turned out to see little old me.

Is it Asda? Ikea? Budgena? Who is she Pete?

PA: I’ll be honest, I don’t want to talk about her [Katie Price]. I don’t want to retaliate to the things she’s done or said. I’m over it.

OK, Pete, little old you is bigger than dignifying Katie’s antagonism with a response, as you tell OK! magazine. But who’s the new girl?

PA: I’ve always got on with Victoria and David… I never got involved in the stuff Katie said about her. As you will have noticed, I don’t like bitching about people. Loyalty is the key…

So come on, Pete, you’re not one for bitching, sure, and you will not stoop to the levels of your ex-wife, the one you tell OK! you won’t talk about, but tell us, who is this new squeeze?

PA: I’m not interested in anyone at the moment. I’m actually loving my time. That is my new love affair.

Peter loves spending time with Peter? This is true love. But the front page of OK! tells of a “NEW WOMAN”?

PA: You have to learn to be with yourself again. If you can’t be with yourself, you really shouldn’t be with anyone else…


PA: “I have some amazing people around me…”

With that cleared up, what of the new lady?

PA: “Nita is our new nanny.”

Netto will gutted…

Says Katie Price:

“I also hear Pete has the hots for Alesha Dixon…but I don’t care who Pete dates… I has nothing to do with me.”

Alesha Dixon of the Asda-Comet Dixons offers no comment.

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