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Sting And Prince Charles Fight Climate Change With A Message In A Plastic Bottle

by | 30th, September 2009

twatsPRESS release of the day comes from our pals at Cake Group, and the talk is to Sting, Prince Charles and climate change:


It’s a big day for rainforests!

Today Sting re-released his hit song Message in a Bottle to show his support for the Prince’s Rainforests Project’s new SOS campaign.

The campaign involves a major push to get as many people as possible to add their support by signing up at in the lead-up to the vital Copenhagen climate change talks in December.

Sting and Prince Charles… what do they have in common?

Well, Trudie Styler, Mrs Sting, makes an “occasional use of private aviation fuel” and says things like:

“Rainforests now cover only 6% of the earth’s land surface, and are still being decimated”, she explains. “There is a real and imminent danger of this destruction reaching the point of no return, yet still we ignore all the warning signs. For the sake of the indigenous communities who live in the forests and protect them, and for the sake of all humanity, it’s time for individuals, industries and governments to start putting the Earth first.”

And Prince Charles:

Prince Charles was accused of hypocrisy last night for using a private jet on an ‘environmental’ tour of South America. The prince will travel to the region next month in a visit costing an estimated £300,000 as part of his crusade against global warming. He will use a luxury airliner to transport himself, the Duchess of Cornwall and a 14-strong entourage to Chile, Brazil and Ecuador on a 16,400-mile round trip.

Both the Stings and Prince Charles recognise their own importance:

In a meeting in London hosted by the Prince of Wales, the world’s greatest minds will discuss the “urgency” of doing more to curb global warming.

Yeah, the greatest minds – and Charles came too. And then this from Mrs Sting, an invite to their Tuscan villa:

I would like to invite you to join … Sting and myself, along with 20 or so like-minded souls, for a week of sun, fun, food, wine, conversation, creativity and laughter. We are gathering together some of the most creative writers, humanitarians and film-makers we can find, people who care for humanity and the world we inhabit in a conscious and thoughtful way, and whose philosophy of life informs their creative process.

The theme for the week is social consciousness and creativity – but I want it to be informal, relaxed, a source of inspiration for some of the brightest creative minds we know.

Humanitarian activists will break bread with film directors. There will be speakers who, over a long lunch, might give an informal talk about the world they occupy, and put forward visions for the way art, culture and cinema can participate in social transformation. We will rethink how change happens in our society. Who knows who you might meet, and what new friends you might make!

I shall be clucking like a gorgeous mother hen, ensuring that we’ll be fed and wined to the max, sun-kissed and stimulated into oblivion/presence – you choose!


You know that bottle – the one with the message in it – it’s not, you know, plastic, is it?

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