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Tesco Introduces Products For Over 65s Only

by | 2nd, October 2009

oapEMMA Sheppard is unable to buy a packet of teaspoons from her local Tesco’s in Evesham, Worcester.

The check out operative has studied the ‘Think 25’ scheme, and wonders if Emma is old enough – over 25 – to buy teaspoons.

Emma is 21. She is with her partner John, who is 20.

Says Emma:

When the assistant asked me for ID I thought John had sneakily put some booze in the trolley, but then when she held up a pack of spoons we looked at her like she was an idiot.

“We were both a bit taken aback really – what are you going to do with a packet of spoons that means you need ID to buy them? In this crazy world we live in, you have to be over 18 to buy teaspoons it seems.”

Well, no, you need to be over 25, it seems.

Indeed, Anorak thinks you need to be over 65 – because tea is a privilege, not a right. The youth can have their alcopops and breezers but the experienced deserve their tea, and their teaspoons.

Says a Tesco spokesperson:

“Some utensils, such as knifes, will carry a ‘Think 25’ alert when scanned through the checkout. There is an element of common sense involved and this was a mistake, for which we are sorry.”

Tsk! They back down too easily. Join the Anorak campaign Think 65 – working to keep goods for the goodly. Other goods to bear the Think 65 label:

Marmalade – thick cut
The Daily Express
Mills & Boon paperbacks
Single-bar fires

Your thoughts for inclusion…

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