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Michael Jackson’s Tattooed Hair Pictures

by | 2nd, October 2009

jackson-hairMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s look at Jacko in the news – Jackson’s tattooed hair, tattoed lips, Joe Jackson barred from Oktoberfest and Jermaine Jackson watches his brother dance…

Jackson was well before he died – well, not immediately before he died, when he was unwell.  But some time before he died he was well.

I Told You I Was Ill

Michael Jackson Autopsy Shows Singer Was ‘Fairly Healthy‘ When He Died – Entertainment Wise

The singer’s arms were covered with puncture marks and his face and were neck scarred, but a coroner’s report confirms that he was in ‘fine health‘ before his sudden death – The Guardian

Report: Jacko In ‘Good Health‘ Before Overdose- Sky


While we await a fifth opinion, want to see Michael Jackson’s “bizarre tattoos”?

Michael Jackson’s arms were covered with puncture marks, his face and neck were scarred by plastic surgery and he had a bald spot covered by a tattoo, as well as tattooed eyebrows and lips, an autopsy into his death has revealed – Telegraph


The autopsy report showed that Jackson had a 2cm scar behind his left ear and another apparent scar behind his right ear. He had a scar beside each of his nostrils and a 10cm scar on his right shoulder. There were two additional scars, each about 7.5cm long, at the base of his neck, and smaller scars on his arms and wrist. Dr Kain, who was not involved in conducting the autopsy, said most of the scars appeared to be from plastic surgery.

Jackson also had several tattoos, all of them cosmetic, including dark tattoos in the areas of both eyebrows and under his eyes, and a pink tattoo around his lips.

And did you know that his flowing black hair wasn’t real? Yeah, really:

He was going bald at the front of his head, with his remaining hair described as short and tightly curled.

The bald part of his scalp was darkened with what appeared to be a tattoo stretching across the top of his head from ear to ear.

What news of the family Jackson?

Showbiz Spy: Michael Jackson’s Dad Banned From Beer Festival

Michael Jackson’s father has been banned from a German beer festival because he should not be partying after his “child has passed away”. Music mogul Joe Jackson requested access to a VIP marquee at Oktoberfest… but was refused entry by events organizer Sepp Kratz because he thinks Joe should be mourning the death of his son, who passed away in June.

Maybe beer and busty girls is just Joe’s way of dealing with it?

“Michael Jackson’s father was desperate to have a seat reserved,” Sepp, who has run the Hippodrum tent for 15 years, told German magazine Stern. “I rejected his request immediately. I was really shocked. The man has just buried his son. It’s totally inappropriate to celebrate happily just after your child passed away. That’s just not right. In short, anyone who has no sense of decency isn’t welcome at our place.”

Hey, he would have buried him sooner but – you know – the homicide and all. In any case, Jackson’s not dead:

Live After Death

Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine will appear as a judge on a new BBC talent show, Move Like Michael Jackson.

It’s a game of dead lions set to music.

The six-part series will air on BBC Three later this year. Producers want to “hear from anyone who’s ever been inspired by the Moonwalk, the Smooth Criminal lean or the crotch grab and find out if they can move like Michael Jackson,” executive producer Karl Warner said. – The Star

Anyone been inspired to lean?

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