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Man Has Double Monkey Arm Transplant

by | 2nd, October 2009

hairy1JEFF Kepner is the former pastry chef with the double arm transplant. His one moan is that his hands are now hairier than his body.

This is no Moonstruck – Kepner lost his hands due to a bacterial infection.

From his bed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Kepner tells the Daily Mirror:

“I’m not the kind of person to say ‘Ooh, those aren’t mine’.”

Finders keepers:

“From the beginning I thought, ‘These look pretty darn good’. The donor was hairier than I am but I feel like they’ve always been on my arms. I’m tickled with the results of that.”

But it does it feel like he is being ticked by someone else when he dreams of swinging from trees and following West Ham?

“I’m waiting for that finger and thumb pinch. It’s going to take a year to get that back.”

Oh, for opposable thumbs…

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