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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Is A Self-Hating Jew

by | 3rd, October 2009

jewish-ahmadinejadNO sooner does Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard says that Muslims need to develop a sense of humour and an appreciation of satire than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad let’s it be known that he’s Jewish.

Westergaard – he of those Prophet cartoons – says Muslims are not “free of being mocked or being offended.”

Jews, on the other hand, love being mocked and offended, and giving offence – just so long as it’s funny.

So Ahmadinejad kick starts his comedy career by hosting up a his identity card which reveals his family’s Jewish roots.

Yeah, Ahmadinejad is the self-hating Jew.

Ahmadinejad was previously known as Sabourjian – a Jewish name meaning cloth weaver. It’s the Persian name for a tallit, the Jewish prayer shawl. Heeeerrrrrssss’s Mori Schneider.

His family changed their name to Ahmadinejad when they converted to Islam after his birth.

Says Ali Nourizadeh, of the Centre for Arab and Iranian Studies:

“This aspect of Mr Ahmadinejad’s background explains a lot about him. Every family that converts into a different religion takes a new identity by condemning their old faith.”

He’s got Short Jew Syndrome. He’s pitching his idea for a televised World War III to the UN. Some nod. Others walk out. Mad Mori goes on and on until a happy few get the joke. If he weren’t a politican how could Mori get his crazy comedy in the mainstream media? Politics is just the means to his comedy career.

“By making anti-Israeli statements he is trying to shed any suspicions about his Jewish connections. He feels vulnerable in a radical Shia society.”

Ron Gidor, nee Ron Gidorstein, a spokesman for the Iranian embassy in London tells us:

“It’s not something we’d talk about.”


“But if you want to talk about problems – Sheesh! – I got problems.”

Best not say too much, save it for the stand-up night. Joan Rivers might be listening…

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