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Prince Harry Appears On Strictly Come Dancing

by | 4th, October 2009

3991997IT’S the “Strictly Come Dancing Race Row”, starring “FURIOUS Strictly celeb Laila Rouass” and Anton Du Beke. And him, Prince Harry.

Rouass “was so stunned when her dance partner called her a ‘Paki’ she could only walk away, the News of the World can reveal.”

Fresh from the tanologist’s salons, Rouass arrives to dance:

Du Beke…told Laila, 38 – whose mum is Indian and dad is Moroccan: “Oh my God, you look like a Paki.”

De Beke is adding a bit of royal language to the event, the type of thing our dear Prince Harry might say, and to a genuine Pakstani, and all. Rouass is not Pakistani, and never has been. she is offended. There’s more:

That happened in the BBC’s Star Bar – where the celeb contestants are offered a spray tan every Thursday for the show. Our source, who asked not to be named, said: “A woman provides a mobile service and comes in to spray them after rehearsals. She sets up dividers in the room and then everyone queues up.”

Your licence fee money goes on spray tans for pro-celebrity dancers.

“There were loads of people milling about who heard what Anton said. I was there, I heard it and saw it. How can someone get away with such a disgusting remark? This is the second time Anton has insulted her and this time he has gone way too far.”

Anton apologises and Rouass accepts it. But it’s not nearly good enough. We appeal to the BBC to make Anton do the right thing, to make full use of the spray facility and paint himself a deep “Islamabad”.

He should then be sent to live in Oldham and the Tora Bora caves (he has previously labelled Rouass a “terrorist”) in a celebrity-driven travelogue that investigates what it is to be a white man with a deep tan and generous chin in the post-Obama world.

And how it affects his dancing…

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