Anorak News | Kate Gosselin Sets Lawyer Marty Singer On Jon And The Missing $200,000

Kate Gosselin Sets Lawyer Marty Singer On Jon And The Missing $200,000

by | 4th, October 2009

gosselin1MORE news on OctoSperm man Jon Gosselin and his failed marriage to Kate Gosselin.

Anorak’s pal in Los Angeles tells us of an alleged caper:

It seems Jon emptied out the couple’s joint bank account, to the tune of $200,000, prompting Kate to retain hard-hitting celebrity attorney Marty Singer.

Yeah, the Marty Singer –who by the rules of nominative determinism could be called Smarty Minger, and so see him well –suited to his latest client. But to do so would be wrong, childish and very possibly see us get a letter from Smarty we could well do without. It’s his alleged nickname – and the missing money is also allegedly missing.

Smarty, sorry Marty, is a busy boy right now, representing non-sex tape veteran Eric Dane. If his clients talk at garden fetes and brunch, the lawyer could turn TV producer in a reality TV show in which contestants compete to take the most offence.


Singer is the pitbull barrister whose M.O. is to go after anybody or any entity that even utters a negative word about any of his clients.

Meanwhile, sources are telling midget-man Harvey Levin’s gang over at TMZ that there’s a court order in place which prohibits such a withdrawal unless both parties agree to it in advance.

Big news from the US of A, where Smarty Minger and a short guy called Hardly Levitate show us that showbiz isn’t dead – it’s just being reclassified as a parody…

D-listed has pictures of Jon Guzzlin’…

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