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Vanessa George: Suicide, Jokes And Spreading The Fear

by | 5th, October 2009

fat-paedo1VANESSA George Watch: The media gets to know the nursery school paedophile – Facebook, suicide and sick jokes…


That’s it! She can abuse children, but to make a joke of it is plain wrong.

The sick chat took place on a webpage where someone posted a message claiming he had been “fiddled” with as a kid. George replied “lol”, which stands for Laugh Out Loud. And she added: “I think he needs closure – or another fiddle!”

Not much of a joke. If you want jokes, you might enjoy these, some of which were published in the national press and told on stage before a paying crowd.

Bristol Evening News: “Steve Scott: Child abuse nursery worker was devil disguised”

The devil disguised with a smile and a nursery worker’s uniform. There but for the grace of God goes every single parent reading this who has used a nursery.

Always good to spread the fear, to take the rare case of a woman who abused babies in her care and make all parents anxious.

The Sun: “I’ll beg evil wife to name abused tots”

And he insisted he wanted his partner to name her victims – even though it might spark reprisals against his family.

You can imagine the gentlemen of the press asking if Mr Andrew George, husband to Vanessa George, fears for his family. Vigilantes and paedo haters will point the finger. Can it get even worse, Mr George?

Andrew said: “We’ll have to live with that if it happens. My priority is that the parents of those children are given the chance to decide if they want to be told.”

And then:

He revealed how he at one point planned to kill himself as the shame grew too much. “I’d got it all worked out,” he explained. “I was going to send the girls on a sleepover and take a mixture of cider and an overdose. But knowing how I love them, I could never do it.”

After the pain, time to spread the fear and speculate on how big a problem female paedophiles are. Kids, read on:

First Post, Coline Covington: “We should not be surprised that women are sex abusers too”

We’re not.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation (LFF), a British child protection charity that deals with female sex offenders, estimates that as many as 20 per cent of Britain’s 320,000 suspected paedophiles are women…

Research suggests that the incidence of mother-son incest is far greater than we imagine it to be.

You want more facts from a vested-interest group?

The Guardian, Philip Hensher: “Sex abuse by women is not a numbers game”

Enter the Lucy Faithfull Foundation. It is a child-protection charity that deals with British female sex offenders. It claims that its research “confirms” that “up to 20 per cent” of “a conservative estimate of 320,000 suspected UK paedophiles” were women. That enables a headline shrieking that 64,000 women in the UK are “child-sex offenders”.

More realistically, we can say that the figure of 320,000 is a casual estimate; that the figure of one abuser in five being a woman is impossible to verify. Compare these figures with the Government’s figures showing 56 female abusers in custody and another 84 in the community. These include cases such as de facto consensual affairs between just-adult women and those just under the age of consent, which seem very far removed from the George case.

No doubt abuse is under-reported, and one case such as this is very shocking, but I find it impossible to believe 64,000 female abusers are roaming the country. It seems grossly irresponsible of foundations such as this to cite figures in this way. It adds greatly to the atmosphere of terror and excessive caution in which children are brought up.

Be afraid!

Daily Mail, Janet Street-Porter: “Nursery scandal proves I’m right to be a Facebook fuddy-duddy”

Facebook is just five years old, and over 50 million fans worldwide claim it’s enhanced their lives immeasurably. It’s not fashionable to point out the darker side of social networking – when I dared to criticise Facebook, I was dubbed a reactionary fuddy-duddy.

You’re a reactionary fuddy…

Now the horrible case of Vanessa George, the nursery nurse who abused children in her care and then sent the images to people she’d met via Facebook, reinforces all my fears.

The police who worked on the case think there needs to be new rules and that nursery staff should not be allowed to change a child’s nappy alone.

Which police? Janet does not says. Maybe it;s not these police:

But police believe they met on a child porn site and later communicated through Facebook.

Street-Porter goes on:

Vanessa called herself ‘a daddy’s princess’ on the secret email address she used to communicate with him. Eighteen stone George is a weird version of a princess, by anyone’s standards.

Anyone seen Princess Fiona, in Shrek?

Paedophiles are using social networking sites to groom people like Vanessa George to carry out unspeakable things – is there nothing we can do? We fight to protect freedom of speech, but are we prepared for the consequences?

Vanessa George – fear has a fat face… In Pictures

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