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X Factor’s Cheryl Cole On Nice Ashley Cole And Getting Drunk

by | 5th, October 2009

6997270CHERYL Cole has news for Daily Express readers: “Trust me Ashley is a really nice guy.”

Well, we’re not sure. Some people have said that he’s a bit of a ****. But Cheryl is married to the footballer so we should listen to her.

Why she’s telling us about her husband is less clear, and our first impression was that she was using the Express – the quote is taken from Cheryl’s interview in Elle magazineto advertise him for dates: Ashley is a really nice guy. He has a GSOH, a collection of absorbent kitchen towels and more caps that Dutch brothel.

Any takers?

But, as we’ve heard before, Cheryl and Ashley are very much in love with one another, and we are very wrong.

In other news, Cheryl, who featues on the cover of Elle magazine – and this news is entirely unrelated to nice Ashley – says “she does not drink because she is terrified of ‘losing control’ like her alcoholic granddad.”

Is this a euphemism for incontinence? If so, Cheryl’s a shoot-in for the Tena Lady gig. For now, she tells Elle magazine:

“It affected his kidneys and his mind. Drinking is scary to me now. My grandad was an alcoholic. I would always see him staggering home from the pub, absolutely p****d.”

And then did he throw up? Just wondering…

Ashley Cole is nice.

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