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Katie Price’s Man Is Roxanne The Transvestite

by | 6th, October 2009

alex-reid1“JORDAN HUNK IS A SECRET WOMAN,” screeches the Daily Star, teasing readers with the “shocking truth” about cage fighter Alex Reid.

THE hunky cage-fighting lover of sexy Kate Price is a secret cross-dresser called Roxanne.

You man the skin tight bikini briefs he wears to grapple men in a cage is just a front?

A pal of Alex said: “Roxanne is very sexy and feminine – the complete opposite to Alex.

Alex is not sexy and masculine?

Muscleman Alex Reid, 34, has had the dual identity throughout his adult life. As Roxanne he wears full make-up, women’s clothes, wigs and high heels and even alters his voice to make him sound like a woman. He also snaps at anyone who calls him Alex while he is in his female character.

Snaps his bra?

He has a wardrobe packed with mini-skirts, skimpy tops, stockings and suspenders and high heels. And he is always careful to wear skimpy underwear under every outfit he puts on as Roxanne and pads his chest out with “chicken fillet” enhancers.

Anyone else thinking what might have attracted him to Jordan?

And anyone thinking that Katie Price is having a laugh, seeing what made-up stories the press will feature as actual news – like this one about her being bald and in The Priory..?

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